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Networking Is Really in the Notes

"Whether you’re a newly-minted associate or a seasoned partner, the message that you need to be “networking” never goes away."

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How to Look for a Job While You Are Employed

"Are job seekers who are currently employed more desirable candidates? Many experts believe so, but you may wonder how to look for a job while you are employed. It can be tricky to conduct your search without arousing your boss's suspicions. She could start looking for your replacement before you are ready to move on. These tips can keep you from running into trouble: . . ."

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Is Your Networking Strategy Falling Short?

"While online networking offers many advantages, don't make the mistake of neglecting in-person networking. Connecting with real people face to face creates a stronger relationship than just connecting online. And where job search is concerned, you may be missing opportunities by focusing too much on what you find online instead of getting out and talking to recruiters and hiring managers."

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These Common Reference Myths Are Hurting Your Job Search

"In the job search process, everyone recognizes the importance of having an up-to-date resume, a great cover letter and a professional LinkedIn profile page. While much time and effort is (and should be) spent on these aspects, many professionals do not put as much time and thought into their list of references as they should."

"Often the lack of time and preparation put into professional references is due to common myths about them. In this article, we will debunk some of those myths and show you how to make your references a powerful tool to land your next job."

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The Best Career Advice from Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and Other Successful People in 2017

"Business Insider has interviewed numerous successful people about their career experiences and insight. We boiled down the mountain of advice to a few standouts we found particularly interesting."

"Here's some of the best advice we heard this year: . . ."

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