How to Refer Readers to a Map

I got an email yesterday from the organizers of a literary festival I'm going to attend. It shared reminders about parking and registration. I knew where to park, but I needed to know where registration was. So I went directly... Read more

Getting Started with Prezi

"If you're tired of standing in front of your audience and shuffling through slides, you're definitely not alone. Professionals from every corner of the work world are making the transition to a more visual, interactive, and captivating way of delivering information — and now you can, too. . . ."

Read the full article by Chelsi Nakano (photo, left) . . .

“They” Pulls Ahead in the Language Game

Our six-year-old neighbor brought his Pokémon card game over for a playdate the other night. As our daughter read aloud the instructions on a card, the grammar caught my attention. Do you notice it too? "Your opponent puts a card... Read more

Does This Really Need a Meeting?

Laura Forer presents an infographic on the topic.

View the infographic at . . .

British vs. US Spellings

I traveled (travelled?) around the Big Island of Hawaii the last two weeks and found that--even at Volcanoes National Park--I could not escape thinking about writing. This text grabbed my attention on the Sulphur Banks trail: It appeared on this... Read more

Research: We Drop People Who Give Us Critical Feedback

"Think about the people at work who are part of your network — the individuals who help you improve your performance or provide you with emotional support when you are going through a tough spell. If you’re like most people, the colleagues who come to mind are those you get along with and who have a good impression of you. But has anyone in your network actually given you tough feedback?," asks Francesca Gino (photo, left) in an article featured at

"Your likely answer is 'not many.' . . ."

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How to Write a White Paper: The Definitive Guide (2018)

You’re ready to compile and share your company’s deep knowledge of your industry. A white paper seems like the perfect format. It’s a useful product to highlight your company’s expertise and a valuable tool in marketing.

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Stop Wasting Time When Adapting Across Cultures

"In the previous article we looked at the role that how you communicate plays in adapting to your intercultural context. Once you can see what to change, you can change it, right?"

"Actually, this depends on whether what you want to change can in fact be changed. The surest road to endless frustration is trying to change something that is not open to change. In contrast, the biggest lost opportunity is not trying to change something because you believe it is not possible to change it. So let’s examine which is which."

Read the full article by Sherwood Fleming (photo, left) . . .

Listen with Intercultural Ears and See with Intercultural Eyes

"Did you know that you listen with cultural ears and see with cultural eyes? What I mean by that is that how you interpret what is being said or written has been culturally conditioned. When listening and seeing you not only decipher the meaning of the words but you also interpret the tone of voice, body language and sentence form. I call those four elements — content, tone, body language, form — the dance of language. No matter what language is being used, you are always interpreting the dance from your own cultural point of view."

Read the full article by Sherwood Fleming . . .

Be Nice and Make Less Work for Your Reader

The other day at my health club I asked an employee what time the bank parking lot was available for club members' use. I knew I could use the bank lot when the bank closed, but I wasn't sure what... Read more
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