Instructional Solutions Launches Free Writing Tool to Eliminate Jargon

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Instructional Solutions, a business writing instruction leader, has launched the Jargon Grader to eliminate one of business writing’s biggest problems: jargon.

The free, web-based tool allows business writers to paste in their own text for assessment. The Jargon Grader highlights how many times jargon appears in that text and identifies the words needing clarification.

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Do Graduates, Brides, and Grooms Write Thank-Yous?

It's the season of graduations and weddings, wonderful opportunities to celebrate graduates' accomplishments and individuals' commitments to one another. If you are a recent or soon-to-be bride, groom, or graduate, congratulations! Life is just beginning for you in many ways.... Read more

How Mindset and Habit Contribute to Dysfunction

"When we live in an environment, we become blind to the weak spots. Facing those blind spots can be either the truth that hurts or the truth that sets you free. . . ."

"This post identifies a mindset and habit that often contributes to organizational dysfunction and productivity loss for leaders at various levels."

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Best Toilet Instructions in Costa Rica

I was traveling with my family for six weeks in Guatemala and Costa Rica. In Guatemala, it's clear that one should not put anything in toilets except what they were made for. But in the more heavily visited Costa Rica,... Read more

Is Your Networking Strategy Falling Short?

"While online networking offers many advantages, don't make the mistake of neglecting in-person networking. Connecting with real people face to face creates a stronger relationship than just connecting online. And where job search is concerned, you may be missing opportunities by focusing too much on what you find online instead of getting out and talking to recruiters and hiring managers."

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How to Format a Business Proposal (With Examples)


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Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse

"Cognitive diversity has been defined as differences in perspective or information processing styles. It is not predicted by factors such as gender, ethnicity, or age. Here we are interested in a specific aspect of cognitive diversity: how individuals think about and engage with new, uncertain, and complex situations."

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Capitalization Rules for Professional Business Writing

Social media, job titles, and different software or email requirements have all added to a growing confusion regarding capitalization rules. Let’s review some of the major rules for capitalization.

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Learning a Little about Something Makes Us Overconfident

Authors Carmen Sanchez and David Dunning (photo, left) take on the idea of overconfidence by beginners.

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Which Business Communication Author Team Leads the Field?

As you explore various methods of teaching business communication, check out these resources that you should find helpful in your classroom instruction. Many of them discuss specific teaching methods you may find useful.

Business Communication Headline News
Delivers new ideas and examples every weekday throughout the year. Posts are archived by subject to make updating lectures easy. Currently more than 4,500 posts.

Real-Time Updates
Weekly multimedia content updates tied to specific business communication topics; instructors and students can subscribe on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Currently more than 7,000 posts that have attracted 2 million pageviews.

Bovee & Thill’s Business Communication Blog
Focuses on original content, with teaching tips and techniques for instructors of business communication. Many posts include slides for classroom use.

Instructor communities on Facebook and LinkedIn

Online magazines for business communication on

Business Communication Web Search

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